Custom Links Slideshow

(for Default Big Cartel Themes)


Assign a different custom link to each individual slide in your free default Big Cartel theme!

Supported themes:

Installation Requirements

Must be using one of the supported themes mentioned above. Requires a Big Cartel account with a Platinum plan or higher to install. Don’t have a Big Cartel account? Click here to sign up now!

‘Custom Links Slideshow‘ Add-On Support

For add-on support and installation instructions check out this article.

Add-On Features

Assign a custom link to up to 12 home page slideshow images

Link to any shop page, product or category

Link to external website

Slideshow links are configured through custom controls in the ‘Home’ edit page (‘Layout’ edit page for the ‘Good Vibes’ theme)

Easy installation. Replace the ‘Home’ edit page with the codes from the add-on file (‘Layout’ edit page for the ‘Good Vibes’ theme)

For the ‘Neat’ theme, the ‘Shop’ link is hidden when slideshow link is enabled