Installation Instructions

Instructions for installing our themes to your shop

Before you can install a theme you must be currently using a paid Big Cartel plan (platinum or higher). Once you’re set with that you can go ahead and begin installation.


Use our theme configuration panel to customize any of our themes to your exact specifications, with the option to change colors, typography, images, and more!

Each theme is equipped with an unlimited color selection, Google Fonts functionality and other great features.


Once you’ve completed your customization preferences, remember to save your updates, and then click to generate the installation code snippets.

Copy each code snippet one by one as you insert them into the corresponding fields in your Big Cartel customize dashboard.


Login to your Big Cartel account and paste the generated code snippets into the corresponding fields in your customize dashboard.

Match each snippet with the correct input field to ensure proper installation, and then save your changes.


Save all your changes after installing each code snippet into your Big Cartel dashboard and your custom theme is now complete!

In addition to a newly refreshed layout, you can also add new custom pages, such as a gallery or blog, and even equip your shop with some add-ons, like a newsletter pop-up box!

Note: If you’re shop checkout is set to ‘Seamless Checkout’ (Stripe or Paypal Express), you don’t need to install the generated ‘Checkout’ or ‘Success’ code snippets, since your shop won’t show those edit pages.

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