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Custom E-Commerce Development

We provide custom e-commerce design and development services for companies looking for a bespoke solution.

Our Services

E-Commerce Design

With our purpose driven web design process, we’ll create a custom design that factors in your sales and conversion goals, while matching your brand identity.

E-Commerce Development

We will convert a static design into a live, interactive e-commerce shop.

Shop Setup and Transfer

We can set up your products, content and store settings on your new e-commerce platform (ex. Shopify) for easy self-management.

Brand Identity

We’ll work with you on cultivating a solid, uniform brand identity that shines throughout your e-commerce shop and other online channels.

Our Process

Client Interview

We’ll take the time to get to know your company and review your goals, setting the foundation for a successful project


In addition to gaining insight into your company, we will conduct a breif market overview, which includes analyzing your customer base and competitors to create a solid shop development strategy


We will design basic wireframes to lay the groudwork for each of your core website pages. These will serve as the “skelleton” of the web design mockups

Web Design

At this stage, we will flesh out the actual design of your web pages, creating high-fidelity site mockups with minimal functionality to demonstrate the user experience

E-Commerce Development

With the design approved, we will build your shop on the e-commerce platform, incorporating all functionality required for a smooth, e-commerce experience for your customers

Pre-Launch Testing

At the final stage, we will ensure that your online shop is functioning properly before your launch. We’ll resolve any overlooked errors so that your shop operates perfectly when it goes live.

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